Birding in Scappoose

20150121_153133_Browns Landing Ct

There was an old man with a beard, Who said: ‘It is just as I feared! Two owls and a hen, Four larks and a wren Have all built their nests in my beard  Edward Lear

This morning while Joey was at the groomer, I walked down Crown-Zellarbach Trail for about ninety minutes.  With coffee, camera, binoculars (and other essentials in my EDC), I headed out in the billowing fog.

I first discovered the ducks.  They were the usual suspects of mallards, Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, and American Wigeon.  I tried desperately to turn one into a Eurasian Wigeon but the color wasn’t there.  They all seemed to be quite vocal this morning – and except for the mallards, I don’t even think any of them noticed me.

2015Jan21 041

2015Jan21 028 2015Jan21 043 2015Jan21 023 2015Jan21 014

After the ducks, I spotted a hawk come flying across the trail and land in a tree.  Quickly, I pointed my camera at him.  He was very dark and had either something in it’s beak or an extra pointy one.  At first I thought, immature Bald Eagle, but then, too small, very dark.  I left it unidentified until I got home and looked it up in the trusty Sibley guide.  I put it down as a dark-morphed Red-tailed Hawk.  I believe this to be very unusual so I reported it to Oregon Birders Online (OBOL).

2015Jan21 051

2015Jan21 052

2015Jan21 053

I then proceeded to check out a Northern Flicker, more sparrows, then a nice treat of specie number 73 for the Big Year.  As with Doctor Sheldon Cooper, this too is one of my most favorite numbers!

2015Jan21 0902015Jan21 062

I walked on after taking about thirty pictures of the Bewick’s Wren and found some Band-tailed Pigeons and an odd looking Robin.  I also noticed for the first time this year that the European Starlings are starting to change – they have the spring wardrobe on, or at least some of it.

2015Jan21 124 2015Jan21 121 2015Jan21 115 2015Jan21 131 2015Jan21 1102015Jan21 125 2015Jan21 103

I turned around and started heading back – Joey hates to be left at the groomers.  I noticed a Great Blue Heron standing next to a Great Egret – or what looked to be a Great Egret (might be a decoy or something, too far to tell for sure).  Then, at last, my little friend, the Golden-crowned Kinglet.

2015Jan21 164
2015Jan21 165

27 species

2 mile walk

90 minutes

180 photos

1 Creme de’mint mocha

Big Year Count:  73 species.

20150121_104127_SE Elm St

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