Sanibel Island, Florida July 2019

A short three and a half day trip turned into six days thanks to Hurricane Barry.  I was scheduled to run over to Sanibel Island, Florida to have a quick meeting with a restaurant manager only to realize my pathway home was blocked by Barry.  What do you do on a resort island with nothing but time?  You go birding. Here are some of the photographs I took while I was there. It was around 95 degrees on both of these days, but I managed to see my first wild manatee, a green iguana and many thanks to Victoria at the Anchor Inn & Cottages for pointing out “King” the old “man” in the pond.

YCN Heron 1

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Brown pelican 3

Brown Pelican fishing behind a Reddish Egret.

Antique shop

I love antiques and this store has been here for over 30 years…it’s one of the funnest antique stores I’ve ever been in.

DD boardwalk

This is the Shell Mound Trail at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. Don’t walk in here unless you have long sleeves and long pants on.

Brown pelican 2

Brown Pelican fishing.

YCN Heron 4

Yellow-crowned Night Heron


Joey enjoying his view as we drive across the bridge.

Iguana 1


fish 1

A fish jumping. I waited a long time to catch this shot.

Manatee 2

The bst shot I could get of this manatee.

YCN Heron 2

Yellow-crowned Night Heron


Green Heron hunting.


Red-faced Ibis hunting.

Gator 1

A giant alligator.

Ding Darling 1

The rare 16 Petal Daisy…just kidding, it’s a pretty flower I wanted to take a picture of.

Ding Darling

Palm frond.


Thousands of crazy fish.

Iguana 3

The same iguana, but he noticed me.


A Double-crested Cormorant in front of a Reddish Egret (both trying to catch fish) and the Brown Pelican watching behind them.


Green Heron hunting.

YCN Heron imm 1

Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Sanibel Island 1

Traveling to Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island 5

Sanibel Island

Inguana 1

“King.” He is a living dinosaur.


Green Heron hunting.

YCN Heron 6

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

YCN Heron 3

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

DD Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret

YCN Heron imm 2

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