R. P. Hancy
Scappoose, Oregon

Bio: As CEO of Hancy Enterprises LLC, my team designs and monitors government mandated online courses for liquor boards in Oregon, OLCCclass.com, Washington, WashingtonServerPermit.com and Texas, TABC123.com for alcohol server education. I also own and operate Hancy Design, HancyDesign.com. This company markets and designs quilt marking stencils and educates quilters on how to finish their quilts by using quilt marking tools manufactured by Hancy Creations (FullLineStencil.com). We travel throughout the country at selected quilt shows, retreats, quilt shops, and teach classes on quilt marking. Birdwatching has been a passion of mine since I was six years old. I post my photos on my blog at RPHancy.com along with posts of my other passions on fountain pens, cigars, travel, paleontology and adventures I have around the country.

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